Children’s Literature Summer School

The 2020 Children’s Literature Summer School is going digital!


Following the Government’s decision on 12 March to close Colleges due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve decided to move this year’s summer school online.

Rather than having two days of talks and workshops, we’re putting our lectures and workshops online for July 24th – July 31st

In that time you will have access to digital lectures and presentations as well as reading materials and resources. You can work at your own pace through the material – you can zip through it all quickly or spread out your engagement over the week.

Each of the sessions will come with a dedicated discussion forum so you can chat to other learners, ask questions, and share your views on the material. Course tutors will be taking part in these discussions too and there will be some live sessions that all learners can join.


About the Summer School

Now in its third year, the children’s literature summer school gives you the chance to examine key aspects of children’s literature, to deepen your knowledge, and enhance your appreciation of texts for young readers.

The summer school is taught through lectures, which open up key areas for investigation, and workshops which give participants the opportunity to examine and discuss specific texts and to test a variety of approaches to children’s books. Staff will guide you through critical material and show you how familiar books can still surprise and delight us.

The summer school will be of special interest to teachers, students, librarians, educationalists and children’s literature enthusiasts.



Registration for the online summer school is €30 (€20 for student tickets or concessions).



You won’t be expected to do any particular preparation in advance of the lectures or workshops. You will be provided with access to all necessary materials when you register.

Extracts from key texts as well as key resources will be provided so you can read as deeply or as widely as you wish!